Management Consulting

Management Consulting

For more than twenty years, our team of experienced professionals has partnered with government, business and non-profit NGO clients to provide insights, advice and counsel through a broad range of support activities. We're general management consultants, which means that our clients benefit from our adaptability, broad perspectives, and diverse experience in different industries and different project scenarios.

As general management consultants our assignments typically include one or more of:

  • business intelligence (quantitative and qualitative research, situation analyses);
  • feasibility studies;
  • business, strategic or marketing planning;
  • facilitation;
  • operational reviews;
  • project management; and
  • program evaluations.

At the Dunne Group, we are committed to be client-focused and responsive, and to delivering high quality assignment deliverables that exceed stakeholder expectations.

For details on the type of management consulting work we do, contact us. There's no obligation and we'd be happy to chat.

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